Air Mattresses back in Stock

Our premium Dura-Beam® Deluxe air mattresses are now back in stock! Get the 45cm and 56cm raised air mattresses that offer you and your guests a luxurious sleep environment.

Our tallest air Mattress

Comfort Plush Pillow Top Air Mattress with built-in pump

This air mattress provides the comfort of a traditional spring mattress. Unique K-beam Fiber-Tech™ technology provides unparalleled support and comfort. The enhanced pillow top ensures a restful night’s sleep.

  • 56cm height for ease of getting in and out of bed
  • Built-in 230V air pump for fast inflation and deflation
  • 2.03m length and 1.52 m width
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The plushest of air beds

Ultra Plush Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

Impress your guests with the ultra plush premium pillow-top airbed.

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